The Wedding

Chef Wes stays local with this Outer Banks wedding reception at a gorgeous home in Duck, NC.

From the video:

Hey, this is Wes Stepp, with the Red Sky Cafe. Today, we are in beautiful, downtown Duck.

We are up here next to the Sanderling Inn. We are at a nice, big home with the ocean backdrop, doing a big wedding.

You know, down here on the Outer Banks, we cater everything from pig pickin’s to clam bakes, to really elegant affairs.

You have your vision, and we try to help make the food and the service come true.

Today, we’re going to go really elegant and over the top, so you are going to get a lot of pictures of one of the premier events down here on the Outer Banks this season.

It’s October. It’s the Outer Banks. It’s wedding season. Come along for the ride.