4 Brand New Recipes!

Chef Wes comes back to the Hampton Roads Show on Wavy 10 to talk about the upcoming Outer Banks Taste of the Beach and prepare 4 new recipes for us. Check out the video below and continue scrolling to learn more about each recipe:

For tickets to the OBX Taste of the Beach, click here. Below are the recipes:

Tastefully Fit Chicken Roulade

Organic chicken breast, mozzarella cheese and spinach, baked in the oven at 400F for 15min. Slice it in 1/2 inch roulettes and then cover with the roasted tomato and yogurt sauce.

Wanchese Scallops with Mashed Rutabaga

Beautiful scallops from our friends in Wanchese are seared with a bit of oil and then paired with a deliciously healthy rutabaga and coconut milk mash.

Tomato & Parmesan Cheese Pie

Chef Wes combines whole wheat croutons, tomato relish, Parmesan and 3 other kinds of cheeses to create this creamy goodness

Chili-rubbed New York Strip Steak on Cast Iron Skillet with Mascarponed-laced Polenta

Huge New York strip steak gets a nice rub of chiles and then goes straight into a well seasoned cast iron skillet. Once the steak is nicely seared, add your polenta right next to it. The cheese will add a nice gooeyness to the polenta cake.