Chef Wes is in 4-wheel drive country! This incredible location in Carova, NC is beach access only & one of the most beautiful spots on the Outer Banks. Watch the Red Sky team work their magic for the lucky couple and their guests!

From the video:

Hey, this is chef Wes Stepp at the Red Sky Cafe.

This is the Red Sky Cafe, and this is where it all starts. Today’s Friday the thirteenth of September. We’re going to be catering in Carova today, so we’re going up to four wheel drive country. I want to invite you all along. We’ve got 100 people up there. We’re going to be doing full dinner, appetizers, and desserts. You’re going to get to see the whole four wheel drive country and hopefully get to catch a wild horse or two.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina have become one of the top destination wedding locations in the whole country. Guess what? We’re in Carova which is a destination in itself. We took all our gear up here with the four wheel drive. We’re going to do a wedding for 100 people. They’re all coming back from the beach right now. That water back there, that’s where they got married. So, they’re coming back to this beautiful home.

We’ve got appetizers starting in just a few minutes. We’ve got a whole dining room set up outside. It’s a beautiful day in September. The fall’s where it’s at. Carova’s where it’s at. There are a lot of nice houses up here. Anywhere on the Outer Banks is where it’s at, and Red Sky’s bringing it to where you’re at.

It’s been a beautiful day down here on the Outer Banks. These two people will never forget it, and neither will any of their crowd. From shrimp and grits to chargrilled tuna we supplied them with a little bit of everything. We’ve got a great cast and crew that came up here and catered. We’re in the four wheel drive country.

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Unique Carova Venue – The Dream House

This 18-bedroom home has views of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Currituck Sound and is perfect for weddings and large family gatherings. This home is also located in front of Penny’s Hill, which is the second largest sand dune in North Carolina.
Your group will have fun in the sun while splashing in the enclosed and completely private pool area. This home is full of amenities including amazing views from its 21′ elevation, a baby grand player piano, multiple TVs, restaurant steamer, and extensive outdoor decks. So come have fun, relax, and create your own magical dreams. Approximately 2.3 miles up the beach.