There’s no place too far or too difficult to reach for the Red Sky Cafe catering team, not even the 4×4 beaches of Carova. Watch Chef Wes work his magic in the Wild Horse’s incredible kitchen!

From the video:

Hey, this is Chef Wes Stepp at the Red Sky Cafe.

Today we’re up at the Wild Horse, one of my favorite premier wedding locations and event locations in Carova, It’s surrounded by mother nature. This place is set up to accommodate large, large parties, but it’s not so big that it doesn’t make smaller parties feel really comfortable.

Today we’re doing a wedding for 44. It’s perfect! We also do a ton of corporate events and business retreats. This is a great setting to have your business come and do a retreat & team building. We supply the food. So, check out the Wild Horse, check out our catering, and get up with us at Red Sky Cafe.

Okay, we’re at the close of a stellar event up here at the Wild Horse in Carova. Premiere property to do your next big event, whether it be a corporate function or a wedding. We did everything from appetizers around the pool to a s’mores station. This is a beautiful home. You can do a lot of stuff outside, inside. We love to cater up here.

We’d love to be part of your next event whether it be at the Wild Horse in Carova or anywhere on the Outer Banks. If you’ve got a special thing going on, get up with us at the Red Sky Cafe. Thank you!