Red Sky Cafe Wins People’s Choice Award at 2015 Duck & Wine Festival

The Annual Duck & Wine festival, organized by the Currituck-Dare Community Foundation, has grown into a wildly anticipated Outer Banks event, with tickets sold-out months in advance. This year, the Red Sky Cafe team took home the coveted People’s Choice Award with our unique “NC DUCK” Eastern NC duck with fried baby collard & turnips with a rhubarb marmalade (above), which we paired with a tangy Childress Sangiovese.

The Proud Team


You can see the award currently on display in our dining room 😉

The Food!

The Duck & Wine festival, much like the Outer Banks Signature Chef’s Auction, allows chefs to take risks and experiment with new ingredients and techniques, which is just what our team did. We secured a few delicious Eastern NC duck (appropriate for a festival in Duck) and decided to pair it with baby collard and turnips from Currituck county and a rhubarb marmalade. It offered a mix of Southern comfort with typical Red Sky flair, and people loved it. Check it out:




The Community

The Currituck-Dare Community Fund, as part of the North Carolina Community Foundation (NCCF), awards grants to support human services, the arts, education, health, civic affairs, historic and cultural preservation, and conservation and to encourage programs and services to benefit residents and visitors alike. This year, we donated our 1st place prize to Kathy Romm, of the Kids First of the Carolinas, (left) and Nena Teller, from the Food For Thought foundation.


Let 2016 Come!

We’re excited to participate in 2016 and look forward to seeing you there!

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