Wedding Tasting At Red Sky – Outer Banks’ Top Catering Services!

Yesterday the Red Sky Cafe hosted a wedding tasting for Jen & John, the “reality Bride & Groom”.

They’re recording every step of their wedding planning for an online documentary, and they chose the Red Sky to cater for their wedding.

To accommodate everybody’s request, Chef Wes prepared a huge tasting platter – as you can see on the video, the bride and groom did not expect such an abundant tasting.

According to Chef Wes Stepp, tastings usually have an average of 7-8 dishes, and he doesnt skim on the servings. His wife Cindy says that many times the couple is so busy during the wedding that if they dont enjoy the food during the tasting they may not eat it at all!

We wish Jen & John the best, and look forward to their wedding next year.

If you’d like to have the Red Sky catering for your Outer Banks wedding, sign up on HERE. Our Catering Manager Eric Kallestead will get in touch with you promptly.

Fresh Wild Tuna Tataki served at wedding on whalehead club

What A Great Outer Banks Wedding Catering Looks Like…

This Saturday, I had the honor of accompanying The Red Sky Cafe catering team to a beautiful wedding in the Whalehead Club in Corolla (NC). Of course, I took my camera with me and took some amazing footage – be sure to have a napkin around before watching it 😉

I’m not a professional video guy at all, but I know great food – and that’s what I focused on.

Notice how even with my amateur video skills, all of the food looks fresh and exciting – there’s no trick there. Everything is prepared and presented in a way that prevents it from going stale, like most buffets.

But the most impressive part were the two chef stations set up with fresh pasta, fresh shrimp, and juicy, succulent steak (cooked and carved to order) . Instead of a big chaffing dish, guests talk to a real chef, and get their meal the way they want it, and they see it being prepared.

According to Chef Wes, the Red Sky is highly requested for their commitment to satisfy every guest in the party, even if that means exploring new menus and cooking styles. He says (you’ll see on the video) that he works closely with each bride and groom-to-be to create a unique Outer Banks Wedding.

We’ve posted here before how the Red Sky differs from any other wedding caterer in the obx and how to make your outer banks wedding truly unique, but you’ll see on the video how remarkable our services are.


Beyond Catering – Tips For A Perfect Outer Banks Beach Wedding

Outer Banks Weddings - Beyond Catering

Outer Banks Weddings - Beyond Catering

The fantasy of a beautiful beach wedding in the Outer Banks is shared by many brides-to-be, and making it come true for them is what our catering team’s main goal.

But an Outer Banks wedding involves more than amazing food – and here are some tips we gathered for an overall unique obx wedding experience:

Location: Think about booking a private beach. This allows you time for your wedding and your reception – so you and your guests can dance into the night under the stars. In the Outer Banks, some hotels will reserve their beaches exclusively for your party, and several of the bigger rental homes have private beach access.  If you can’t find a private beach have a public beach party. But the best is that even though only a small portion of your family and friends can make the trip, and you’re at the beach, you can always invite a few new-friends in the way of other hotel guests and well-wishers?

Invites: How about sending the invites on an old glass bottle for that message-in-a-bottle feel? Or for an easier and less expensive alternative, find stationary with sand dollar or tropical floral designs.

Decor: Make use of the Outer Banks natural beauty and design 3 heart shapes in the sand with shells, pebbles or driftwood – one for the bride and groom, one for the officiant, and a big one for the guests . Or, have your vows written in the sand for all to see. Watch as the entire decor fades aways as the tide comes in and the party goes on!

Flowers: There are several florists in the Outer Banks who can help with wedding flowers perfect for the beach, but why not wear Hawaiian-style lei flowers instead of a bouquet? Or carry a shell encrusted candle. For a more traditional approach but still keeping to the beach theme, why not encrust shells on the bouquet and flower decor?

Bridal Attire: Here’s a very contemporary approach: wear a grass skirt with a bikini and Hawaiian garland. Or, a floral dress or a sarong and bikini is equally “beachy” and it will definitely fit the Outer Banks lifestyle. Look for shell jewelry (or pearls)! Go barefoot (that’s a must at the beach – at the very least, wear one of those simple yet fashionable Hawaianas flip flops .)

Groom’s Attire: Floral shirt and Bermuda shorts with a Hawaiian garland round his neck. Or he could pull a David Beckham and wear a sarong and vest top. Barefoot or sandals.

Catering: Of course, catering for an Outer Banks wedding is our specialty, and we have several different menus. But how about this classic: White and milk chocolate shell decorations make for a beautiful beach-themed cake. Plain sponge cake is light and luscious in the beach humidity. Consider a seafood spread – prawns, lobster and other seaside favorite. For those looking for authentic cuisine, our specialties include more exotic seafood like delicious ceviches, calamari, and even an aromatic paella.

Favors: For a destination wedding, even if the Outer Banks is not that far from home, it’s not uncommon (and thoughtful) to give guests their favors upon arrival. A goodie bag containing sunglasses, sunscreen and flip-flops will be just what any beach-tripper needs. Consider including some classic OBX t-shirts and shot glasses 😉

Wedding Catering At Its Best – The Red Sky Cafe Catering Team!

We’ve all heard funny stories about the food served at weddings: blend, unappealing, boring… And the usual excuse is that we’re not really suppose to be worrying about the food, we’re there to celebrate the joyful union a couple in matrimony.

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