A Bride & Groom’s Guide To Rehearsal Dinners

At The Red Sky Café in Duck, our personal Outer Banks chefs know that the bride and groom often have many questions about the proper etiquette involved in hosting a rehearsal dinner. There are many traditions that you may want to follow, but some have been replaced or eliminated by modern trends. Many couples require party catering on the Outer Banks. You should select a venue, decide whether it will be formal or casual, decide upon a budget, and figure out who pays for the dinner. Today, we would like to offer you some helpful tips on rehearsal dinner etiquette that will hopefully answer your most pressing questions. Read more

Throw An Unforgettable Outer Banks Wedding Reception

Planning a part on the Outer BanksOur experienced Outer Banks chefs know that diligent planning and party catering on the Outer Banks can make or break your wedding reception. Today, the Red Sky Café in Duck would like to offer you some helpful hints on planning an extraordinary party to celebrate your marriage. From cocktail hour to the last dance, your wedding reception will be the talk of the town when you properly plan for your event. Delicious food, close friends and family, and an exciting atmosphere will make your event a hit.

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OBX Wedding Catering Tips from Red Sky Café

wedding catering on the Outer BanksIf you are considering wedding catering on the Outer Banks, the Red Sky Café offers the finest and freshest local seafood, seasonal ingredients, prime cuts, and unmatched creativity. Today, our catering team would like to offer you a few tips that will ensure a spectacular dinner event. There are several avenues to take that will help you save money and keep your guests happy.

Beer, Liquor, & Wine Ideas:

  • Serving liquor is usually less expensive than serving wine. A bottle of liquor will produce three times the amount of drinks compared to a bottle of wine. Of course, you may still offer beer and wine to suit your guest’s preferences.

    wedding catering on the Outer Banks

  • Instead of serving champagne, select a fun and festive specialty drink to serve to your guests. If you really want to cut costs, serving a non-alcoholic beverage during the toasts is also an option.
  • Guests typically eat and drink less during the afternoon hours. If you schedule wedding catering on the Outer Banks earlier in the day, as opposed to hosting an evening dinner, you will save money on both drinks and food.

Guests smiling and entertained at their tables!!

Provide your guests with a dinner menu. This way they know what to expect, and you can explain any unique or exotic dishes to them. Entertain your guests with a fun wedding favor to show your appreciation for their attendance. This will also be a great conversation starter, and everyone loves a gift whether it’s large or small.

For wedding catering on the Outer Banks, contact us today to get a taste of the amazing dishes we have to offer. We promise that you and your guests will be delighted by this gourmet food experience.  And don’t forget about our Chefs On Call, who will gladly cook for you in your own home while you are busy preparing for your wedding.

Seating Planning at Your Outer Banks Catering Event

Wedding seating

Proper seating arrangements

There’s no denying that a good caterer can take your special event to the next level. Guests also need to be comfortable and relaxed while eating. This can partly be achieved by having a good seating plan arrangement. To maximize your entire catering experience, hosts should consider the following three pointers.

Good Seat Arrangement

  • Area. You need to consider whether guests will be standing or sitting. The types of tables being used will also determine the area to be allocated. If guests are to stand, such as at a cocktail party, experts suggest to assign about five square feet per person. If they’re seated, allot eight square feet per person. A dinner event will require between eight and ten square feet per person. If the tables are banquet style, allow eight square feet per person; however, if they’re round tables, allot ten square feet per person.
  • Diagram. It really helps with layout if you draw an actual plan of the venue. On the plan, show where each table will be located; the food area; and, the music. Make a list of everyone and then group into family units. There are also special needs you should consider, such as placing certain guests near the buffet or facilities.
  • Name Cards. Make name cards for the day. These should have the guest’s name and the number of the table they’re assigned to. On the day, cards should be placed at the front door. As guests enter, they know where they’ll be seated. Make sure you number the tables in a way that everyone will understand. You don’t want to confuse the guests. Have a master plan of the seating arrangements and, if there is a problem, guests can refer to it.

Effective seating arrangement planning is the perfect accompaniment to a great caterer. If guests aren’t comfortable, they simply can’t enjoy their meal. To maximize your Red Sky Café catering experience thorough seating planning is a must.

So, when looking to your next function, complement your great seating plan with the perfect Outer Banks catering team – Red Sky Café’s Chefs on Call Outer Banks catering service. If you don’t have quite enough room for perfect seating, you can always do some emergency renovations with help from the best Outer Banks Home Contractors!

Outer Banks Entertaining: Catering and Other Considerations

After having made the decision to hire Chef Wes and his team to do your Outer Banks catering, there are also a number of other aspects a good host needs to consider to ensure your event will be simply amazing.

Hosting Your Special Event

  • Your Venue. Is your venue right? Think about the weather and if it’s really suitable for your event. Does the site have adequate heating and cooling? Will it comfortably hold the number of guests you plan on inviting?
  • Menu. Talk to Chef Wes about the menu and make sure it fits in with the type of guests you’ll be entertaining. Discuss timing and any special dietary requirements that special guests may have. Talk about how the meal will be served and any particular requests.
  • Décor and Furnishings. Everything should align with the style of food to ensure the perfect occasion. Don’t confuse the guests by having one style of cuisine and another style of décor.
  • All the Senses. Remember, although food is the highlight of many special events and parties, there are other senses at play. From visual to audio, it’s extremely important to make the guests feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. Red Sky Café’s Chefs on Call, of course, have the taste, visual and aroma covered.
  • Your Presence. Keep in mind you’re the host of your dinner party or special event. There are some basic rules of etiquette. Perhaps the most important is that hosts spend time with each of their guests. Ensure you meet and greet, provide introductions and make certain they’re comfortable.

When holding a special event, there are many aspects to consider. At least you can be secure in the fact that Chef Wes and the Red Sky Café’s Chefs on Call catering service can take all the concerns out of the catering side.

Whether it’s wedding catering on the Outer Banks or a housewarming for your new Nags Head luxury home, the Red Sky Café has the catering part covered.