2011 Taste of the Beach on the Outer Banks

Red Sky at the Taste of the Beach OBXThe 2011 Taste of the Beach Expo on the Outer Banks just past last weekend and Red Sky Café was front and center in all the festivities. We participated in both the Duck Tapas Crawl with the Blue Point and Roadside Grill, and then went over to the Expo hosted by Pamlico Jacks. Both events were fantastic and we had a great time!

The Duck Tapas Crawl

What use to be a 1 day event last year now turned into a 2 day event for everyone to enjoy! Red Sky Café waited on over 70 guests for the event and they were all eager to taste the delicious food that was prepared: Roasted Pork Belly (which is a North Carolina classic) Red Sky’s famous Red Neck Risotto Shrimp and Grits, Seared Tuna, and then it was all topped off with fantastic complimentary cupcakes from Marsha of Great Cakes. All the guests were obvious food enthusiasts and were eager to try all the food that was served.

Talking with Chef Wes about the event, he stated that he was thrilled to collaborate with the Blue Point and Roadside Grill to make the Duck Tapas Crawl a “roaring success.” Being a part of the Taste of the Beach for over 20 years, Chef Wes was able to happily see it transform from a 1 day event to a whole weekend festival and he’s really excited to see that the entire beach is now able to participate in it, not just a select few.

Taste of the Beach Expo

The Taste of the Beach Expo at Pamlico Jacks was just as exciting. We had a lot of fun, and it was an amazing turnout with so many guests. Chef Wes prepared the famous Shrimp and grits again and everyone kept coming back for more and more. We were able to touch base with a lot of new contacts for party catering on the Outer Banks and there were positive reviews all around.

Jen, the Head Manager at Red Sky, believes that the best thing about the Expo is the fact that the guests were able to interact with Chef Wes and ask him any questions they had, which he happily answered.  It’s not everyday that you’re able to have a one-on-one conversation with the chef who prepares your meals, and so this experience was a real treat for all of the guests.

The 2011 Taste of the Beach was a huge success, and we hope everyone had a great time.  We can’t wait until next year to see everyone again and to give it another amazing try!

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