Trimming Rockfish on the Outer Banks

Today we will be checking out Chef Wes new video on how to trim fresh Outer Banks Rockfish!  Rockfish, also known as Striped Bass, is an Outer Banks staple and the one variety of seafood that everyone loves.

This video is a companion to the video of an earlier post featuring Chef Wes preparing an incredible Rockfish dish with sun-dried tomato pesto.

Let me give you some highlights of the new video and a checklist for your own Rockfish trimming:

Fresh Rockfish on the Outer Banks is a seasonal delicacy, available in the fall and winter.  With the in-season Rockfish that Chef Wes is trimming, you can see the beautiful white meat indicating the freshness of the fish.

The fish has already been deboned, but make sure that none of the pin bones are hiding in the filet by running your fingers along the meat.

Next, it is time to remove the skin from the filet:

  • Arrange the fish skin side down and place your knife between the meat and the skin, near the tail.
  • Bevel your knife (slice) towards the skin, without cutting through the skin.
  • Pull your knife back after each slice and carefully repeat the process until the skin is fully removed.

You may see some dark flesh on your filet on the skin side.  This is fine for a small Rockfish, but should be removed from a large Rockfish filet.

Next we see Chef Wes cutting the filet into 7 oz portions and setting aside a small piece from the tail end for his “Blue Water Bites”.  You can portion your filet however you choose, including saving the whole filet for large dish presentation.

“Blue Water Bites”, or any other type of Rockfish bites, make excellent appetizers for parties and fun foods for kids.  Don’t be afraid to make Rockfish bites for kids; Rockfish has a mild flavor and is always a big hit with people of all ages.

Stay tuned for more video tutorials from Chef Wes.

Chef Wes Stepp is famous for his Red Sky Café and as your Outer Banks Wedding Caterer.  Whether you need great food for yourself, your wedding, or your private party, Chef Wes has got you covered.

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