Chef Wes is at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head, NC. Jennette’s Pier is one of the most beautiful wedding venues on the OBX, with great accommodations and a lovely ocean view.

Watch Chef Wes whip up some unique & creative dishes to make this OBX wedding one to remember!

From the video:

Hey this is Chef Wes up at the Red Sky Cafe. Today we’re at a really popular wedding venue. We’re at Jennette’s Pier which is in South Nags Head, it’s beautiful. It’s right on the water. We do a lot of weddings down here.

So today we’re coming down to Jennette’s Pier. Got the ocean, there’s a lot of wind out there today, but guess what? We’re all protected inside of a beautiful venue. So welcome to the outer banks of North Carolina. Today’s wedding is Jennette’s Pier and Red Sky Cafe is cooking it up.

Welcome to my favorite part of Jennette’s Pier. Not one of the guesting points so much, but as a caterer, this is a full operating kitchen. I can cook for any size party in this thing. It’s probably just as good as the kitchen I have right at Red Sky Cafe. We have warmers, we have hot boxes, confection ovens, full dish washing crew. We can pretty much make your dream food come true for your wedding. And now, let’s get back to cooking dinner, all right?

Okay. It’s a wrap here at Jennette’s Pier. Beautiful venue, great kitchen. We did everything from prime rib to Asian pan sauteed shrimp and vegetables. Very happy crowd. Awesome place to get married. Right on the ocean. Red Sky Cafe . . . Mother Nature right outside. You can’t beat it.

Get up with us at the Red Sky Cafe and let us be part of your next big event. Thanks a lot.