Thanksgiving 2010 at Red Sky Cafe

Chef Wes and Red Sky Café are well known on the Outer Banks for fabulous food with a Southern twist.  If you missed Thanksgiving with Chef Wes, here is rundown of the feast at Red Sky, and don’t forget to check out the video.

If you live on the Outer Banks, you know that Thanksgiving is one of the big days of the year for many restaurants, and that is certainly the case at Red Sky Café.  Of course, the holiday includes family and friends, even at work.  Chef Wes had personal guests come in from as far away as California to help celebrate this uniquely American Holiday.

What was served at Red Sky for Thanksgiving?

Start with the soups, including local favorites such as She-Crab soup and chowder, as well as red potato bliss.  Appetizers are a must for Thanksgiving, and artichoke dip, a cheese platter of monstrous proportions, and the famous fruit carvings (well known from Chef Wes’ wedding catering) headed the bill.

Chef Wes is also known for his love of fresh local food, and Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to show off.  Currituck collards (essential for an Outer Banks Thanksgiving), fresh oysters in the forms of Oysters Rockefeller, Oysters Remick, and fried oysters, pan fried crab cakes, and Virginia ham were the headliners for our local food show.

Of course, Chef Wes included everything you expect for Thanksgiving: candied yams, macaroni and cheese, roasted tom turkey (and tom turkey gravy), both traditional stuffing and oyster dressing (fresh local oysters again), mashed red potatoes, and southern style succotash.

Chef Wes also included some items that you may not expect to see on the Thanksgiving table (unless you are from the South), such as shrimp and grits,  fresh tuna (charred Asian style), prime rib, and bread pudding.

If you couldn’t make it for Thanksgiving this year, don’t worry.  Thanksgiving will be back in just about 12 months from now.  Do keep in mind that Red Sky Café has special menus for many holidays and we will let you know (right here) when those special menus come around.

Chef Wes Stepp is famous for his Red Sky Café and as your Outer Banks Wedding Caterer.  Whether you need great food for yourself, your wedding, or your private party, Chef Wes has got you covered.

PS.  Red Sky Café is undergoing renovations and will reopen on December 26, 2010.  See you then!

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