The Outer Banks Thanksgiving Feast At The Red Sky Cafe

Watch as Chef Wes Stepp introduces us to the scrumptious Thanksgiving feast at the Red Sky Cafe.

Thanksgiving at Red Sky has been a tradition for years, and the restaurant usually has full capacity taken by Noon, but I was able to get there early and have Wes walk us through his entire set up.

The abundance of treats made it REALLY hard to decide what to eat and when to eat it 😉

Props to the house-smoked salmon w/ dill cream – the salmon was melting on my mouth, had a rich smokiness to it, which the dill cream totally complemented. Also, all the different oysters preparations were right on the spot – you could see that they were really fresh.

For those of you that were there, THANK YOU. The entire staff at Red Sky is thankful for being able to share this special day with you.

If you weren’t there, we’re thankful for being able to share this awesome video with you – and invite you to include us on your next Thanksgiving 😉

Oh, what did you think of the menu? Leave us your comments below – maybe we can implement it on next year’s!

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