A Bride & Groom’s Guide To Rehearsal Dinners

At The Red Sky Café in Duck, our personal Outer Banks chefs know that the bride and groom often have many questions about the proper etiquette involved in hosting a rehearsal dinner. There are many traditions that you may want to follow, but some have been replaced or eliminated by modern trends. Many couples require party catering on the Outer Banks. You should select a venue, decide whether it will be formal or casual, decide upon a budget, and figure out who pays for the dinner. Today, we would like to offer you some helpful tips on rehearsal dinner etiquette that will hopefully answer your most pressing questions.

Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette 101:

  • Selecting A Venue: The sky is the limit here. Host a backyard picnic, a dinner party in your own home, at the Red Sky Café, or select a beautiful venue. No matter where you decide to host your rehearsal dinner, our Outer Banks party catering services can be brought to you.
  • When should I hold the dinner? Rehearsal dinners are traditionally held just after the wedding rehearsal, the day before the wedding. Many people choose to have an evening dinner, but today’s couples are even holding them at midday. This way, everyone will be well rested for the big day!!
  • Formal or Casual? You can design the dinner to be a smaller version of your wedding reception dinner, with complimentary dishes and décor, or you can create a different theme altogether. If your wedding reception dinner is very formal, it’s often nice to create a casual rehearsal dinner atmosphere where your friends and family feel comfortable and really get to know one another.
  • Who pays for the rehearsal dinner? Traditions have changed for the modern bride and groom, who often must help pay for their own wedding. Traditionally, the groom’s parents are responsible for the rehearsal dinner. However, this can be a shared expense between each set of parents, with a close friend of the family that wishes to help, another member of the family, or with the couple themselves.

Relax, Smile, & Have A Blast!!

The goal of your wedding rehearsal dinner is to spend time with all of your closest friends and family, which you may not have seen in quite some time. It’s an excellent time for family and friends that have not yet met to get to know one another as well. After all, you are merging into one big happy family now. So have a good time, relax, and enjoy all of the great food supplied by our Outer Banks party catering team at the Red Sky Café.

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