OBX Wedding Catering Tips from Red Sky Café

wedding catering on the Outer BanksIf you are considering wedding catering on the Outer Banks, the Red Sky Café offers the finest and freshest local seafood, seasonal ingredients, prime cuts, and unmatched creativity. Today, our catering team would like to offer you a few tips that will ensure a spectacular dinner event. There are several avenues to take that will help you save money and keep your guests happy.

Beer, Liquor, & Wine Ideas:

  • Serving liquor is usually less expensive than serving wine. A bottle of liquor will produce three times the amount of drinks compared to a bottle of wine. Of course, you may still offer beer and wine to suit your guest’s preferences.

    wedding catering on the Outer Banks

  • Instead of serving champagne, select a fun and festive specialty drink to serve to your guests. If you really want to cut costs, serving a non-alcoholic beverage during the toasts is also an option.
  • Guests typically eat and drink less during the afternoon hours. If you schedule wedding catering on the Outer Banks earlier in the day, as opposed to hosting an evening dinner, you will save money on both drinks and food.

Guests smiling and entertained at their tables!!

Provide your guests with a dinner menu. This way they know what to expect, and you can explain any unique or exotic dishes to them. Entertain your guests with a fun wedding favor to show your appreciation for their attendance. This will also be a great conversation starter, and everyone loves a gift whether it’s large or small.

For wedding catering on the Outer Banks, contact us today to get a taste of the amazing dishes we have to offer. We promise that you and your guests will be delighted by this gourmet food experience.  And don’t forget about our Chefs On Call, who will gladly cook for you in your own home while you are busy preparing for your wedding.

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