Tips for Choosing a Caterer

Why would anyone settle for less?

Why would anyone settle for less?

The Outer Banks is a popular place for big events.  In fact, it is tailor made for weddings and parties.

When you have an important event coming up, how should you choose a caterer?

Here are a few tips:

  • Experience.  How long have they been catering both large and small parties?
  • Recommendations/Popularity. Are they the first choice for everyone else?  Do their past clients plan to use them in the future?
  • Food Sources. Where do they acquire their raw ingredients?  The choice of food sources will be easily tasted in the finished product.
  • Tastings. Do they offer the opportunity to taste the dishes before you make a final decision?
  • Staffing. Do they offer a full staff?  Chefs and wait staff are a must, but what about the clean up?
  • Clean up. You don’t want a dirty kitchen after the party.  Make sure this is part of your catering package.
  • Is your party special to them? You don’t want a caterer who is just grinding out jobs.  Ask your prospective caterer exactly how they will make your party an event to remember.
  • The unexpected. Can they handle any problems that occur?  Ask your caterer about problems they have had at past events and how they dealt with those problems.
  • Backup. A backup service (usually a restaurant) will give them people and supplies to call on in case of an emergency.

Only use the best for your special occasion.  Remember, a great party will create memories for a lifetime.

Chef Wes Stepp of Red Sky Café is the Outer Banks Caterer.  Famous for his Personal Chefs on Call as well as being THE Outer Banks Wedding Caterer, Chef Wes is the perfect choice for catering on the beach.

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