Have Your Wedding on the Outer Banks

When you start planning your wedding, keep in mind that the best place to have your ceremony is on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Why is the Outer Banks the best spot for your wedding?

Here’s why:

  • Wedding on the Beach – Getting married on the beach is certainly a memorable experience.  Taking your vows and pledging lifetime loyalty with sand between your toes is great way to start your marriage.
  • Everything Else on the Beach – The days before your wedding and after your wedding can be enjoyed on our sandy beaches.  You and your guests will have a great time on some of the best beaches in the country.
  • Local Wedding Experience The Outer Banks is host to weddings year round.  We have so many companies and individuals to help you plan, polish, and complete your wedding that you will kick yourself for even considering any other wedding location.
  • Accommodations – Accommodations for your guests is no problem.  The Outer Banks welcomes more than a few tourists in the summertime and has rental homes ranging from cozy beach cottages to multifamily mansions, as well as a large number of fine hotels and bed and breakfasts.
  • Flavors of the Beach – Outer Banks dining is unbelievable.  We have the freshest seafood you will ever taste.  The local restaurants (especially Red Sky Café) are well known for their wide variety of fish and fresh off the boat shrimp at every meal.  You will also be treated to small farm fruits and vegetable, grown just a few miles of the beach in North Carolina farm country.

The Outer Banks will make your wedding more special than you could ever imagine.  Beautiful sandy beaches, the best food in the country, and a host of professional wedding staff will make all of your wedding dreams come true.

Chef Wes Stepp is famous locally and regionally as The Outer Banks Wedding Caterer and for his Red Sky Café.  The Flavors of the Beach section above is a specialty of Chef Wes, in addition to his homemade desserts and amazing prime cuts of beef.  Don’t settle for just any wedding caterer, call Chef Wes Stepp and bring the sensational dining experience of Red Sky Café to your wedding.

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