Outer Banks Wedding Guide: Scrumptious Catering!

After the huge success of our first outer banks wedding catering video, we got lots of requests to post more videos, and give more detailed tips on what it really takes to run a successful obx wedding.

This time, I caught up with Chef Wes and his wife Cindy at the Comfort Inn hotel in South Nags Head – they were catering for 150 guests of this really fun local couple.

Here’s an insider secret: events at the Comfort Inn are usually ran by their in-house catering staff, but the bride and groom requested that Red Sky catered for them.

And of course, Wes, Cindy, Jamie, and their entire staff transformed the hotel in a multi-level wedding celebration 😉

The first act, that started right after the wedding ceremony, took place at the beautiful pool deck, overlooking the ocean (where I interviewed Wes and Cindy) and they had fruits, asiago cheese dip, and homemade garlic crostinis while the bride and groom were taking pictures.

Then, the party moved downstairs, where the room had been beautifully decorated (more details coming soon), and where 2nd act took place.

I got there moments before they got to second act, and they were having a blast – Jack and Victor were keeping everybody happy at the bar, and Chef-de-partie Jamie made sure the buffet (delicious!) kept everybody satisfied.

Well, to quote Chef Wes, I’ll let the camera do the talking. Enjoy!

(click here to watch the video if it doesnt load automatically)

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  1. RedSky
    RedSky says:

    Joyce, you can download some of our most popular menus right here on the site for free – just click on the link right below the picture with Chef Wes and Cindy.

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