Wedding Catering on the Outer Banks

When you have your wedding on the Outer Banks, it’s likely you don’t live here permanently. While it’s not hard to find most of the great Outer Banks wedding vendors you’ll need, finding a caterer is a little bit more involved. How can you pick a caterer when you’ve never sampled his wares? 

Finest Caterer in Town!

Well, there are other things to base your decision on. Like who’s popular? And for that, you’d be hard pressed to find a more popular wedding caterer on the Outer Banks than Chef Wes Stepp of the Red Sky Café! Every year, Chef Wes caters literally hundreds of weddings up and down the island. From the Wild Horse to Hatteras, Chef Wes is the number one choice.

This brings us to another great way to pick a caterer: Base your choice on experience. And since Chef Wes caters practically every other wedding on the beach for over a decade, he’s seen and done it all. No matter what disaster can befall a wedding, you can be guaranteed it won’t be with the food. Chef wes is the master of the Marine Corps spirit with his amazing ability to adapt and overcome. You’ll never have to worry when Chef Wes is on the job.

Taste of Heaven!

And of course, the final consideration: taste. Rest assured that there’s a reason we call him Chef Wes. His recipes are enough to make even the most steadfast of food critics cry a little when they sample his cuisine. From his signature Shrimp ’n Grits (a Southern specialty!) to his succulent prime rib, you’re wedding guests will be well fed and satisfied. While you may not have tasted it yet, you’ll love it when you do!

So fill out the contact form and arrange for Chef Wes to make your Outer Banks wedding food sample so you can pick and choose the foods you like most. When you pick the Chef Wes and the Red Sky for your wedding, your picking the best!

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