The Best Wedding Food, Hands Down!

Planning for your wedding can be stressful, but finding the right Outer Banks caterer should be the easy part. After you make your vows and head off to your reception, your stomachs will probably be growling and you’ll be thinking about the food that you chose to have prepared. Make sure when the time comes you don’t regret your choice. Red Sky Cafe has the best wedding food on the beach and we want to show you just how great our catering service is!

Whether you’re from the south having a southern wedding, or from the north wanting to get in on the southern tradition, there’s a reason you’ve chosen to have your wedding on the coast. We think it’s deeply rooted in how good the food is, and you’ve gotta love the Southern hospitality. Our wedding catering service has the expertise in cooking as well as serving, and the presentation unlike you’ve ever seen!

See For Yourself!

Wedding Catering Unlike Any Other

Everyone wants the perfect wedding, and we assure you we strive for just that in our food. Not only do we make sure you have an excellent food service at your wedding, we do everything we need to in order to take care of any mishaps that may occur. The best plan is to always have a backup plan, and along with our personalized catering services, we provide just that. After all, we want to give you the very best catering experience possible on the biggest day of your life!

More For Your Catering Needs

We know you still may be a little overwhelmeed with your wedding planning, but take a deep breath and know there are people out here who want to help. Get your check list and advisors together and take baby steps. Just know that Red Sky Cafe has your food covered and is here to assist and cater to your specific food desire!

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