Possible Catering Trends For 2010 In The Outer Banks?

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Beautiful Shrimp from the Outer Banks seashore

We just finished a round of tastings for 2010 caterings this weekend and as I was thinking over the menus, and based on the conversations we had during the meetings, I noticed a few trends that are sure to be HUGE in 2010.

Of course, specially here in the Outer Banks, local seafood menus are best-sellers (see Chef Wes preparing a delicious fresh rockfish with local crabmeat), but the seafood frenzy is also incorporating other major trends that you should know about for your next catering or even for your upcoming outer banks wedding.

1. Reduced Carbon Footprint Menus – For foodservice operators, reducing their carbon footprints—the total amount of greenhouse gases produced by a particular activity, event or company—is a more-holistic approach to going green than individual actions such as using biodegradable disposables or compact-fluorescent light bulbs.

Our footprint here at the Red Sky is already lower than most restaurants – we do not have ANY freezers, and our in-house wood-fired oven saves a bunch of electricity. But we also see  brides and grooms asking for local produce, from self-sustained farms.

The temperature of a traditional brick bread o...

our wood fire oven saves energy and adds a delicious smoky flavor to dishes

As Chef Wes pointed out during our quick Thanksgiving feast video, the Red Sky has a strong relationship with local producers, and we get close to 80% of our produce from less than a 100 miles away. That gives our customers the freshes possible ingredients, and reduces the amount of gas consumed in the transport.

2. Home Style Favorites Revisited – Homey favorites spotlighting affordable cuts are the order of the day for comfort- and value-minded diners—and chefs. Entrées such as braised-brisket, pot roast, and even meat loaf continue to get attention as more clients look for food to bring back memories and sensations from their childhood as they’re getting ready to move to a new phase in their lives.

We’ve been doing a gourmet Mac & Cheese for a while, and it’s surprisingly one of the most requested items – but our version of southern favorites such as collard greens and glazed virginia ham are sure to be a big hit on 2010 menus.

What do you think of these two trends?

Would you change your menu to incorporate them? Do you think we’re right about them?

Leave us your comments!

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