Ashley & Clint’s Beach Wedding At The Wild Horse Event House

Back for another wedding catering at the Wild Horse Event House in Carova, NC. Ashley & Clint chose the beautiful 4X4 area of

Avari & Ed Wedding At The Wild Horse House in Carova NC

We recently had another great wedding catered at the Wild Horse House in Carova, part of the Corolla 4X4 country. The Wild Horse House was the beautiful backdrop for the Outer Banks wedding of Avari and Ed, and Red Sky was there with the catering!

Catering In Corolla, NC @ Wild Horse House in 4×4 Carova

This is an outstanding video, and really showcases both the wonderful food, and the amazing Wild Horse house in Carova 4×4 country. It has 23 bedrooms! That makes it one of, if not THE, biggest homes on the Outer Banks! It’s got a lot of room for whatever you want.

Oh man, did you see the food? Chef Wes and the Red Sky always put on a wonderful showcase of different foods all perfectly matched to each other. They carefully create their menus so that each flavor perfectly compliments the others, and nothing seems out of place. Here they featured a perfectly prepared prime rib that was fully enjoyed by the wedding party.

And cooking in the Wild Horse is as easy as you could want. There are numerous refrigerators, all of which are commercial size. Plenty of cooking area as well, with one stove in the main area, and another in the back part of the kitchen. This house was designed with weddings and wedding caterers in mind, and since Chef Wes is the premiere Outer Banks wedding caterer, his team sees a lot of it!

And good thing it was the Red Sky catering, too! The wedding was delayed due to rain, and almost everything had to be moved back indoors. As we’ve said before, experienced caterers are ready to handle any problem that arises, and this was no different.

The whole Red Sky crew pitched in and helped move all the tables and chairs back in the house, and Chef Wes was able to readjust the timing of the food perfectly and everything was cooked to perfection.

So remember, if you need a wedding or party caterer on the Outer Banks, the Red Sky Cafe is the clear choice!

Crab and Pasta Primavera at the Wild Horse House in Carova, NC

Today, Chef Wes Stepp is showing how to make a Crab Pesto Alfredo.  It’s a great looking (and tasting!) meal, that is pretty easy to make and is done in almost no time at all. Be sure to check out the house in the video as well. It’s amazing!

See how easy it was? And delicious doesn’t really do it justice!

And what about that house? The Wild Horse house is the newest house in Carova, just north of Corolla, NC. According to Twiddy Realty, it’s also the largest estate on the Outer Banks, and it certainly looks like it. This place has it all: a theater, pool, game room, and 23 bedrooms!

The Wild Horse was built with weddings in mind as well. It has a large deck that’s perfect for a wedding, and the kitchen is really TWO kitchens, well suited for preparing large amounts of food. There is even private elevator access for your wedding caterer. And it can accommodate over 100+ guests; so no wedding party is going to be too big for it! Check out a full review of the Wild Horse house in Corolla, NC for a more detailed look at it.

But you don’t need two kitchens for Chef Wes to cater your wedding. He’s a very versatile chef, and will work with you on whatever event you need catered. And if you’ve eaten at the Red Sky Cafe, you know how hard it will be to find a more talented chef that caters the whole Outer Banks!

And make sure you try that Crab and pasta Primavera; it really is amazing!