Is Your Kitchen Ready For The Holidays?

Before the crowds show up, get everything ready

Before the crowds show up, get everything ready

Things always seem to get extra crazy during the Holidays – it’s the combination of the cold weather that makes us hungrier, plus the constant family visits that increase the number of mouths to feed.

Sometimes things get out of control and you end up driving to the grocery store 3x a day – specially if you’re cooking for everybody. (we’ve already volunteered to cook for your Outer Banks Thanksgiving to give you some peace)

Here are a couple of tips to preserve both your kitchen and your mental health:

Prepare your Kitchen. Before things get crazy, organize your pantry, fridge and freezer, use things up (go all Iron Chef on it!) and make yourself aware of which holiday pantry basics you have or need.

Plan Ahead. Plan meals and make shopping lists, being mindful of how much to buy and serve for how many people. Use the chart on our holiday website to help you figure it out.

Choose Crowd-Friendly Recipes. If you will have guests staying in your home, don’t forget to plan for meals other than Thanksgiving Day. Choose hearty, satisfying, affordable recipes. Big-pot meals with self-serve condiments are ideal: chili, curry, red beans and rice, stew, etc.

Use the Freezer. Prepare big freezer-friendly recipes ahead so you can just heat and serve later. And don’t stop at lasagna and soup, breads and muffins and cookies freeze well, too.

Practice Makes Perfect. Trying out some new dishes? Find time to get a practice trial before the big days – you dont want to take your chances at a fancy pannacotta when there are 15 hungry guests to feed. 😉

Cook something for everyone. Chances are your guest list may include someone with a special diet need. Big holiday meals are actually perfect – since there are so many dishes, there is bound to be something for everyone. Vegetarians are people too 😉

So, what are you doing to get yourself, your home and your family prepared? Share your tips in the comments below. We can get through this together, right?

If you really need some help, our personal chef service is available for holiday parties – just so you have a Plan B!

Who’s Ready For Turkey? The Red Sky Cafe TO-GO Thanksgiving Menu!

An Outer Banks Thanksgiving good for the body & soul

An Outer Banks Thanksgiving good for the body & soul

Despair not, Turkey lovers – the Red Sky Cafe 09 Thanksgiving menu is here!

Like we mentioned before, if you’re spending Thanksgiving in the Outer Banks, ditch the stove and pick up one of our freshly made gourmet thanksgiving dinners TO-GO!

The entire menu options are below – and the menu is also available for download here:


Complimentary Asiago Artichoke Dip & Fresh Baked Bread are included.

Soups, Salads & Sides (Choose 3)
Additional selections are available @ $1.95 per person

Smoked Salmon – with Caper Dill Cream
Charred Raw Tuna – with Ginger, Wasabi, Seaweed Salad and Soy
Fromage Display
Fresh Fruit Armada

Southwestern Caesar Salad – with Southwestern Caesar Dressing, Black Bean Corn Salsa and Tortilla Strips
Red Sky She Crab Bisque
Hatteras Clam Chowder
Bacon and Red Bliss Potato Soup

Entrees (Choose 3)

Additional selections are available @ $4.95 per person)

Whole Roasted Tom Turkey-(for 5 or more people)
Sliced White and Dark Meat Turkey (for less than 5 people)
-Chef Spiced & Fire Roasted with Giblet Gravy & Homemade Cranberry Relish
Virginia Ham – Sweet Mustard Basted with Fresh Cloves
Prime Rib Aus Jus – Chef spiced & Slow Roasted
Mattamuskeet Crab Cakes – with Sriracha Aioli

The Sides (Choose 3)
Additional selections are available @ $1.95 per person)

Oyster Dressing
Sage Dressing
Green Beans
Macaroni & Cheese
-Adults like it as much as the kids!

Currituck Collard Greens
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Red Skin Mashed Potatoes
Southwestern Succotash
-with lima beans and corn

And we’ll even give you dessert- an assortment of petite desserts- homemade


To reserve your Red Sky Thanksgiving TO-GO, call our catering manager and obx wedding specialist Eric Kallestead:


Hurry – we are preparing only a limited amount of orders to ensure they’re all done as fresh as possible (the morning of Thanksgiving)

Delicious Outer Banks Thanksgiving Dinner – TO GO!

We're preparing a deliciously homemade Thanksgiving dinner for you - To Go!

We're preparing a deliciously homemade Thanksgiving dinner for you - To Go!

Thanksgiving in the Outer Banks tends to be one of two ways: either your entire family comes down to stay, or you end up packing up and going to stay with them. If you’re leaving the beach, we wish you the best Thanksgiving and a great time with the family.

If you’re staying….

Well, let’s just say we’re taking you and your entire family (no matter how many distant Aunts and Uncles are coming to share the couch) on an unforgettable Thanksgiving experience that is not only going to satisfy everybody’s palate, but also save you A LOT OF TIME in front of the stove.

Our goal is to get you out of the kitchen and in the couch with everybody else.  And we guarantee you’re not going to regret it!

The chefs at the Red Sky Cafe are working on a complete Thanksgiving dinner menu that we’ll prepare the day of so you can just come pick it up and serve it fresh to your family.

Our Outer Banks Thanksgiving dinner is HOT

Our Outer Banks Thanksgiving dinner is HOT

Our catering manager Eric Kallestead will put the menu together and we’ll soon release it here.

After all, if you’re not going to escape the winter and go to South America get a nice bikini tan with the guy to your right, you deserve a special Thanksgiving without raking in stove-miles.

We’ll talk soon!