A Catered Celebration for Any Occasion

When someone you love achieves an important goal, has a birthday, graduates, or even retires, why not celebrate in style with a congratulatory dinner? Party catering on the Outer Banks is a great avenue to consider when you want to show that special someone how very proud you are of their achievements. At the Red Sky Café in Duck, we offer several solutions for hosting the ultimate catered party.

Party catering on the Outer BanksAn Intimate Affair

Red Sky Café offers professional Chefs On Call, and this is the perfect compliment to hosting an intimate party in your own home. Imagine being able to play the role of host or hostess without the burden of cooking. Our Chefs On Call service allows you the perfect opportunity to celebrate with your friends and family, while we do all of the cooking.

Host a Huge Celebration!

If you need to host a celebration that is too large for your own home, party catering on the Outer Banks is also a popular choice. You secure the location, and let us worry about the food. You can host a formal sit down dinner or offer a buffet style dinner selection. Join us for dinner to experience some of the delicious dinner creations that you can offer to your own guests.

With either of these options, your party can be as casual or as formal as you desire. The Red Sky Café offers the finest in OBX party catering services, and our food is guaranteed to impress your guests. For all of your party catering needs, you can count on the experience and professionalism of our top OBX chefs.

If you want to see the professional Chef Wes at work, check out this cooking class that he taught at the Aquarium!

Spice Up Your Event with Chefs On Call

party catering on the outer BanksWatch Chef Wes Stepp as he shows you how the Red Sky Cafe in Duck creates beautiful dishes using fresh local seafood from the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Whether you are dining in the restaurant or desire our Chefs On Call services in your own home, your taste buds are in for sheer delight. Read more

6 Top Reasons for Hiring a Catering Company on the Outer Banks

The catering at your event is only one aspect; however, for many, it’s a key factor in its overall success. Catering can add to the overall enjoyment of your event, making it the talking point of many gatherings to come. It can also be a big negative that some party goers tend to remember for the rest of their lives. This is why it’s so important to get the catering spot-on at your special event.

Some people balk at whether they should get a caterer in or try and do-it-themselves. You just might find the answers here:
  • Reason 1: Stress Free. Let others do the stressing for you. Sit back, relax and mingle with your important guests. Don’t be consumed with all the hassle of cooking for your party. If you’re the host, the golden rule of hosting is to spend time with your guests. When you’re catering yourself, you can barely manage to do this.
  • Reason 2: Quality Food. We’re not saying that your food is not of quality if you’re preparing it. Instead, catering companies, such as Chefs on Call, have a team of professional caterers that can rival the best in the business. Their decades of experience, knowledge and skills can give your food that all-important wow factor that’s needed to win over your guests.
  • Reason 3: Professionalism. With a qualified team of professionals, catering companies have professional experience. This provides the knowledge that only experience can bring, such as knowing exactly how much food to prepare and knowing about time management. No party host ever wants to run out of food or serve their meals two hours late.
  • Reason 4: Comfort. Catering companies, such as Chefs on Call, turns up at your home or event location ready and able. You know your event will be comfortable, as it’s in your own setting, and you can change the environment to make it as comfortable as you like.
  • Reason 5: It’s Just So Easy. Because your Outer Banks caterer comes to your home or event, you don’t need to worry about driving or getting a ride back to your accommodation. Catering companies also do all the cleaning themselves. What could be easier than not having to clean up after a party?
  • Reason 6: Make an Impression. The impression you wish to make on your guests depends on the type of event you are hosting.  Whether you are entertaining clients or introducing friends to your new oceanfront home in Corolla, an experienced caterer is of the utmost importance.

So, let Chef Wes and the Red Sky Café take all the stress and worry out of your next special event with their Chefs on Call catering service. As far as needing a professional Outer Banks caterer, you can’t beat Chef Wes and his team at the Red Sky Café.


Chef Wes Shares His Recipe for Oysters Diane

Chef Wes has a new video!  Check it out and see how he prepares his famous Oysters Diane.  Oysters Diane is a classic recipe which Chef Wes makes with a Southern spin.

Read more


Trimming Rib Eyes with Chef Wes on the Outer Banks

This week, Chef Wes shows you how he trims Rib Eye steaks for his Outer Banks restaurant, Red Sky Café.  Check out the video and watch as a pro prepares steaks for his fine dining restaurant.

Chef Wes starts with a Lip On Rib Eye, a large piece of premium beef.  This is the same cut of meat as Prime Rib, the only difference is in the preparation.  For Rib Eyes, the “lip” is removed, whereas the “lip” is retained for Prime Rib because the extra fat is desired.

The steps for trimming Rib Eyes are as follows:

  • Take your Lip On Rib Eye and place it fat side down.  You will notice a fine line near the smaller side of the meat.  Cut along that line to remove the lower piece of fat, and set it aside.
  • Turn the meat fat side up.  Some of the fat “cap” can be removed, if so desired.  It is recommended that the fat cap not be trimmed excessively.  That fat is an essential part of a Rib Eye steak and is an important for its flavor.
  • Chef Wes cuts his Rib Eyes for 10 oz portions.  You can hear him warn of problems with cutting steaks from the ends of the meat.  The end pieces are more likely to produce steaks of varying size, which should not be a serious problem for home preparation.
  • Chef Wes is using a cryovac Rib Eye.  This refers to the packaging: a specially sealed plastic which keeps food fresher, longer.  A high quality Rib Eye can improve with aging, and the cryovac packaging can extend the aging process for weeks.
  • When portioning a large piece of meat, it is important to reseal the portions and label the meat correctly.  Wrap each steak tightly with food wrap and store the steaks in sealable bags (you can store more than one steak in a bag, just be careful that the steaks are not under pressure).  Label your bags with the date of preparation, to ensure timely use.
  • Lastly, store your steaks in your refrigerator.  Steaks can be frozen if necessary, but we do not recommend it.

As you can see, trimming Rib Eyes is quite simple.  The full Lip On Rib Eye is quite large, but should carry a slightly lower price tag and the flavor is unbelievable.  If you have never bought steak uncut, you certainly need to give it a try.

Stay tuned for more video tutorials from Chef Wes.

Chef Wes Stepp is famous for his Red Sky Café and as your Outer Banks Wedding Caterer.  Whether you need great food for yourself, your wedding, or your private party, Chef Wes has got you covered.